Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hand Paper Making & Paper Marbling Workshop Day!

These photos were taken on Saturday, May 11, at St. Barnabas. Nancy Trottier led a workshop day teaching folks how to make handmade paper and how to hand marble paper using two methods. A great time was had by all!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Papermaking & Paper Marbling Workshop!

Nancy Trottier and the Youth Ministry of St. Barnabas have organized an "artists' book" project for our children and youth. Phyllis Heeney has written a wonderful interpretation of a Bible story. The text of her story combined with illustrations created by the children and youth will be included in a limited edition  book that will be available for sale in the Fall. The funds raised will go towards supporting the Children and Youth Ministry of our parish.

The idea is for each of our children and youth to take part in this project by making some hand made papers, marbling papers for the covers, making some illustrations and actually binding the book here at St. Barnabas. The book will be bound with simple Japanese stab binding.

The first of the workshops will take place on Saturday May 11, the second on June 22. The second workshop will cover making illustrations using crayons, watercolour, and markers. Participants will learn a little about colour and how to think about making a picture to tell a story.

We would like parents or grandparents to attend with the younger children! This activity is free for members of the parish. For those interested in coming, but are not members, please call the church office at 613-584-4131 to register as space is limited. There is no charge for this workshop. Come join us!