Thursday, September 26, 2013

It really is an understatement to say that new and exciting things
are going on here at St. Barnabas!
Exterior, new main entrance!

The obvious place to begin is the manner in which our building project is proceeding toward completion.  Each day as I walk up Glendale Avenue to get to the church I can hear the sound of compressors, voices calling out inside the addition to each other, and the sounds of hammers driving nails. 

I look up and see the outline of the church increase with each passing day.  The drawings and forms which we have studied, debated, argued, and mulled over for the last years move from the abstraction of paper to a concrete reality.  
Interior, looking to the new office and the elevator shaft to the right.

I have not let the sensation of newness become routine nor has the excitement of things coming to fruition dwindled as the addition takes its form.  Moreover, the experience of walking inside what has up until now only been a set of  drawings is far more exhilarating than I had anticipated.

At the same time I am even more exhilarated by the things that grow in the more important meaning of the word church - the people who worship here!  In the months of summer quietude we have seen new families join us and September has brought more as well.  Our recent Church School retreat at Mackey was one of the most wonderful such events that I can recall - ever!  We had such a meaningful time together and enjoyed each other's company right across generational lines (we were about 30 participants, all tolled).  It was not that we had amazing activities or extraordinary food, or special facilities: it was that we truly enjoyed connecting with another; singing, playing, praying and talking in ways that are not available to us in the usual Sunday context.  The day was indeed gorgeous as was the site itself but I thought it was Spirit filled FUN!

There is much more on the horizon for us as we plan our Blessing of the Animals service on October the 6th, our second consecutive year of dedicated Stewardship (late October-November), a special All Saints Sunday service (stay tuned!) and the anticipated completion of our first phase of Building to Grow the Church in mid December.

I am 58 years old and I feel like a child who cannot wait for what's coming next!   

We hope you will come and join this very unique time of growth, anticipation, and above all a collective sense of thanksgiving for the abundance and generosity of God's grace alive in our lives.



Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Church School "Camp Day Away' Great Fun!

Some of our Leaders: Gaby, Muriel, François, and Shannon
The Church School held a Day Away at Camp Mackey on Sat., Sept. 14, from 9:30 am-4 pm

The weather was glorious and provided the perfect background for a day of spiritual growth (led by François), campfire lunch with great music, cooperative and outdoor games, and nature activities. 

Children were welcomed to invite friends to join the group.. A terrific lunch was provided. 

Organizers are already thinking about next year!
Church School begins on September 22nd! Lots of room in all groups. Please email or call the church office with questions!
Church School members and helpers!