Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Join us for Movie Night Saturday February 1!!!!!!

Since no one offered to show their favourite film, Morgan Brown gets to show one of his.  He tells us that he normally watches this one on his birthday, but he forgot this year, so he's making up for it.

This coming Saturday (February 1, 7 pm, downstairs at St Barnabas) Margan will show the BEST EVER TRAIN MOVIE, simply called "The Train" (1964).  It is to trains what "Flight of the Phoenix" (1965, NOT 2004) is to aircraft (Morgan showed that a couple of years ago).

The Train is a classy black and white drama about a train of French art stolen by a Nazi colonel (Paul Scofield) in Paris and being shipped back to Germany.  Burt Lancaster (!) gets to play the tough French railway man, Paul Labiche, who does his best to save the art for France, but at what cost?  Yes it has great train scenes (ALL real, no models!), but it is a well-written and crafted story that makes you think about the cost of war.  Yeah, yeah, there's a bit of a love interest, but we'll skip that.  The stunts are all real (including Lancaster's, done by the man himself).

It has lots of action, but it is nonetheless a thoughtful movie.  Bring a friend or two.  They don't even have to be train buffs!

The Train (1964)
St Barnabas Anglican basement
7:00 p.m., Sat February 1, 2014
Absolutely no charge !
(though you're welcome to bring goodies!)