Monday, October 19, 2015

Stewardship Sundays!!!!

For the fourth consecutive year St. Barnabas has entered its three week time of celebrating its commitment to Stewardship....It's an odd word, Stewardship, in that it does not usually come up in everyday conversation.  I recall first hearing the word in church circles decades ago and it was most definitely connect to my giving the church some of what I thought was my hard earned money!

It was not unit much later in my ministry that I heard an Anglican Bishop speak passionately of his lifelong commitment to Stewardship that my understanding of the word was given a much broader perspective.  What I remember most was his reminder to some , and something quite new to me, that at its essence Stewardship is the gift of being responsible for something which belongs to someone else.  

From a Christian perspective being a good steward means taking care of all that we are given by the source of all that is - God! Indeed our calling as God's children is to ensure that the fullness of what we receive so gratuitously from God, even in the partnership which is represented by the grace of our own gifts, is used in the manner in which it was intended; to be shared freely just as God has shared all such things freely.  This includes, of course, the unasked for gift of our life.

At its best this is not a transactional proposition, "God has done this for me so I must do that."  It is a matter of recognizing the grace filled, beneficent, and unprovoked gift of life we are given and responding to it because we cannot help ourselves; we have come to know that we are so deeply loved into life!  I hope that at least some measure of that notion is present in the way St. Barnabas embodies its Christian vocation of Stewardship and that you can see that you are an integral part of it.  

So, I ask you to prayerfully consider your commitment to our church, and in the best meaning of Stewardship take care of the gifts God has freely showered upon each of us by benevolently sharing of your gifts with others.



Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blessing of the Animals 2015!

Blessing of the Animals Service 2015

As we gathered together on Sunday October 4th, the mews of cats and the yips of dogs could be heard in our sanctuary!  If you listened carefully you could almost hear the snuffling of two hedgehogs as well.

François asked the children to help bless all the animals and their caregivers at the start of our service. This little video shows photos we took of each of the animals with their caregivers. It was a wonderful blessing for all of us, even those non-animal caregivers, to share.