Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Father's Lesson From a Hospital Bed

During my recent stay in hospital the night shift nurses would check on me regularly during the night.  I was told that it’s standard operating procedure.  I am light sleeper so as soon as the hall light fell on my bed as they opened the door I would wave hello.  To me those checks while "SOP" became a symbol of the reassuring comfort of the constant presence of God’s love; they were a regular and reassuring reminder, even on the darkest of nights, that I was not alone.

To follow Jesus is to live and to love and we don’t do that alone.  From time to time we need to be reminded and inspired by the spirit of his life and actions.  And we need each other to remember how live and to love when we sometimes forget.

We are not called to carry this amazing message  with words alone, be they scripture, liturgies, or creeds, which are crucial, but can sometimes miss the mark by overlooking loving living.  We are called to carry them as Jesus did with compassionate actions in our lives, actions that reflect God's love for humanity.  Indeed, I have come to believe that Jesus saw that there is not one human soul on this planet that needs any less.

In the best sense a father's actions will constantly bear such love as well.  Let's remember and celebrate fathers on this day and pray that they may do their best to know the Father Jesus followed by living their lives and caring for their loved ones with the same loving actions Jesus did. 

To all fathers, Happy Father's Day!