Wednesday, October 18, 2017

SHOW UP Sunday & Confirmation!!!!

You are invited to our Sunday Service on October 22, 2017 at 10 am. This is a very special Sunday service as everyone in the Parish is personally invited to "show up".

This Sunday will be a Confirmation service for those in our parish being confirmed into the Anglican Church.  Come help us welcome them to the church family!

We are thrilled to have with us with two special guests for this service. The Right Reverend John Chapman, Bishop of Ottawa will be joining us for his regularly scheduled visit and to help confirm our new members. 

The Most Reverend Suheil Duwani
Bishop John is bringing with him a very special guest from our partner diocese, The Most Reverend Suheil Duwani, The 14th Anglican Archbishop of Jerusalem, who will give the homily.

As Diocesan Bishop, Archbishop Dawani is the Chief Pastor of the 27 parishes spread through the five political regions of Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. As Bishop, he is also Chairman of the Board of each of more than thirty institutions of education and healthcare spread throughout the five countries of the Diocese, including Gaza. The diocesan schools, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation and vocational training centers provide the best possible services while reaching out to assist those who cannot afford to pay for services and strengthening the Christian presence in this region. 

This Sunday will also bethe launch of the "Living Witnesses" stewardship campaign. We believe that living out the love of God is a way of life, not just a Sunday experience.

After the service, please join us for lunch in the parish hall.

Please come, and be welcome.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Season of Giving

The work of the church is many faceted: We worship God and take care of one another, as well as reaching out to those in need as best we can; the standard biblical imperative for care being that we tend to the widow, the orphan, and the sojourner (Deut. 10:18).  That may not seem to describe a very wide scope of care but the point is not the magnitude of the work but the character of the vulnerability of those who are in need.  It is that vulnerability which the biblical wisdom highlights as it seeks to lead us to care for a broken world as a dynamic reflection of God’s will.

As with many Christian churches, the people of St. Barnabas spend time in late October and early November to prayerfully consider their continued commitment to the support of the in-breaking of the realm of God. While the familiar alliterative character of time, talent, and treasure help encapsulate stewardship they do not define it!  To my mind Stewardship is essentially another way of saying the “the way we live the Christian life,” how we take care of loving God, our neighbour, ourselves, and this beautiful planet in all its splendid fullness. 

The manner in which we share of that with which we have been distinctively gifted marks us as those who love God.  And it is this manner, this “way” (Mark 8:27-10:52) which, from the earliest days of the church, has baffled those who are unfamiliar with Jesus’ ethos of gifting.  His practice of indiscriminately gifting God’s life to others held captive by crippling vulnerabilities must inspire our “way” of living.  It makes me wonder if the church should begin a move away from the nomenclature of Stewardship to that of a Season of Gifting.   A season for us as we faithfully remind ourselves that the gifts we pass on to others are not about us but about our “way” of embodying the realm of God as a gift to the world! 

I hope you will join me in thoughtfully contemplating what, and how, you can gift of yourself to this community as we joyfully embrace God’s work in our midst and beyond. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Blessing of the Animals October 8, 2017

Please join us at the 10:00 a.m. Service for the annual Blessing of the Animals. Please bring all your pets, whatever variety, to the service to be blessed.  Please know we are prepared for accidents, so do not worry!

Our pets enrich our lives in countless ways. This annual service provides the community with a way to share our love with you and your treasured pets!