Thursday, January 24, 2019

Come Join Us for Messy Church February 22!!!

I am delighted to announce that our next Messy Church will be on Friday February 22nd. 
Our theme will be ‘Jesus said “I am the Good Shepherd”’. Many of our crafts and activities will be ‘sheep based’ and we look forward to having a special guest with us who will teach us about the use of wool. 
Messy Church is presented in a child-oriented space and format and it is easy then to think of it as ‘church lite’ - perhaps a frivolous event for children that is not real worship and prayer and nothing to do with us as adults. 
However, there are opportunities for exploring faith that are uniquely provided at Messy Church. 
Creating or exploring together during the crafts and activities provides camaraderie and a chance to interact with people in our church community who perhaps you have never interacted with before. There is an opportunity to discuss and explore ideas around the theme throughout the evening and particularly at the Messy Conversation table. Have you thought much about why Jesus calls us his sheep? We all know the psalm beginning “The Lord is my Shepherd’ but have we thought much about what it really means? During the celebration we have the opportunity to sing and worship away from the standard liturgy freeing our sense of self expression. 
I quote from a essay on Messy Church by St George’s Anglican Church “Messy Church is a living, breathing, dynamic expression of God working in the hearts and minds of God’s people, engaging every sense, every part of their being. ‘Church lite’, I think not”.
Put Feb 22nd on your calendar and plan to join us. You will be enriched.

 Caroline Lee

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