Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Season of Epiphany!

The Season of Epiphany is often given short shrift.  As its length is quite variable due to the setting of Easter's date Epiphany can come and go in a matter of a few passing weeks.  Thankfully on occasion it can stretch well into March, with the 10th of March being the latest possible date for Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lent.  What I love about Epiphany is that its job is to open our understanding of the fullness of Jesus' incarnation.  In doing so, the gospel readings appointed for each Sunday, and which are taken from all four gospels, paint a compelling and broad picture of his early ministry.  

There are some real gems in store for us in Epiphany: The visit of the Magi, Jesus' baptism, his astonishing teachings about the Reign of God (including Luke's Beatitudes this year!) and ending with the Transfiguration, to name but four.  It is a wonderful Season, even in its briefest span, to discover just how broad and varied are the ways in which Jesus leads us into a greater understanding of his vision of being a child of God.  The readings also prepare us for the grand Season of Lent and its period of inward examination.  But not before we take the measure of whom we are called to follow into Lent. 

I encourage you to take the time, in this "dead of winter," to brave the trek to church on the coldest of days and have your heart warmed by gospel stories that remind us of the physical revelation of God's faithfulness towards us, God's unrelenting love for us made flesh, and above all God's determination to come and be with us, as we are, and where are at this time of year.



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