Stewardship Campaign 2018

This fall we have heard from members of our parish about their relationship to our parish and what it means to their lives.  These stories help us to understand the wonderful nature of living and working within a faith community. Stewardship is a big part of living and worshipping within community. My hope is that our Stewardship initiative will raise our awareness of the centrality of Stewardship in our lives.  Stewardship stems from a fundamental response of thanksgiving.  

Indeed, thanksgiving raises within us the reality that all that we are, all that we have, and all that we give comes from God.  Our thanksgiving is a willing response to God’s presence in our lives and the many gifts which God's abundance provides us. 

Our response can be manifested in a variety of ways; whether it is in the devotion of our precious time to the work of this church, our financial contributions to the ministries of this church, or in the ongoing sharing of our God given skills with others.  Our Stewardship can and does touch others both inside and outside our church community.  It affords others with opportunities to see just how powerfully God's love motivates us to share of what we have regardless of any tangible return, just as Jesus did!  I hope over the next three weeks you will prayerfully consider your commitments to this church in the light of God’s ways of love, compassion, and justice.


Please click HERE for our 2018 Stewardship Brochure PDF.

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