Saturday, June 8, 2013

St. Barnabas Anglican Church
Celebrates 50 Years!!

Our 50th anniversary of St. Barnabas will be celebrated on St. Barnabas Sunday and once again we are delighted to have our St. Barnabas Band lead the music for our worship service.   We are blessed to have many parishioners come together in this band to share their gift of music.  This year we have approximately 20 instrumentalists ranging from preteens to seniors - a wonderful intergenerational mix. 

This initiative is taken on by Nick Brown, now a 2nd year university music student, who enthusiastically orchestrates the hymns from our hymn books for the many various instruments.  Nick approaches all the youth and adults in our parish who play an instrument and no instrument is a barrier to his orchestration.   Included are many of the typical band instruments but he also includes recorders, violins, guitars, and even a mandolin.  Thank you to Nick for arranging the music, scheduling the many rehearsals, and skilfully conducting this wonderful group of musicians.

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